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19 & 20 OCT 2022


George Thornton: Speaking at the Coffee Shop Innovation Expo

George Thornton

Director - Chapter Coffee Roasters Ltd

Innovation Awards Judge

Chapter Coffee Roasters are an independent coffee roastery based in the heart of West Kensington in London. Founded in 2016 by Vinny De Oliveira and George Thornton, they take artisan coffee roasting to the next level, and are experts in the production of handcrafted speciality coffee.

In caring for each bean from farm to cup, Chapter Coffee Roasters saw their coffee win three Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards just one year after launching, with blends Shakespeare and Christie awarded One Star, and Golding, a Single Origin taking the highest accolade of 3 stars. This year their popular Single Origin, Hemingway, was awarded 2 stars by the Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards.

Feedback from Judges at the Guild of Fine Food described Chapter Coffee’s Golding, made from 100% Arabica beans, as a “complex and interesting blend with aromas of Christmas pudding; it’s a flavour that evolves with each sip”. The Shakespeare blend was hailed as having “a pleasant fruit driven finish, with an extremely bright, zingy start”, and the Christie blend was described as “a good roast” with “a hint of liquorice and spice all pleasantly balanced”. Seen as the Oscars of the food world, the Great Taste emblem is the mark trusted by consumers when buying food and drink. “It’s so rewarding to see our passions and hard work recognised by the Guild of Fine Food” says Vinny De Oliveira, Co-Founder and Roastmaster at Chapter Coffee Roasters.

Chapter Coffee Roasters are slightly different to that of other roasters, in that they are also Farmers having their own speciality coffee farm over in Brazil, as well as having developed established relationships with quality farms throughout the coffee belt. It is with this unique offering that they are able to deliver their coffee throughout London and the UK.