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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Eskuta Limited


Eskuta are designers and manufacturers of `electrically assisted pedal cycles` (EAPCs) and battery powered scooters.

Offering a delivery option to customers is now paramount to the success of most fast-food restaurants. How then can this be done efficiently and cost effectively, whilst also being environmentally friendly?

Eskuta - Kicking petrol`s Ass

All of our bikes and scooters are electric and powered by the latest lithium-ion batteries, providing a clean and efficient delivery solution whilst making massive cost efficiencies over petrol scooters and cars.

Our EAPCs can be ridden by anyone over the age of 16; you don`t need any tax or vehicle insurance, an MOT or a motorcycle licence. They are classed as electric bicycles, but have all the features and benefits of a petrol moped, without the costs of fuel & maintenance.

Our electric scooters cruise at 28 miles per hour and can be ridden on a provisional licence, so no CBT to worry about which opens up a wider delivery rider recruitment demographic. And again, petrol and high maintenance are a thing of the past.

Life`s too short to sit in traffic.

If your current delivery option is to use cars, apart from the instant financial benefit of changing to an Eskuta, your run rate efficiencies will greatly increase, as you`ll not be sitting in traffic jams. Whilst an Eskuta is not as fast as a car, you`ll easily zip through peak-time congestion, which is the start of most restaurants peak period and just think of all the money you can save whilst contributing to old Mother Nature.

The Eskuta vision is a simple one, `to bring freedom of motion` to riders, whilst `empowering restaurant operators`, bringing operational efficiencies, saving money and contributing to the environment.......... how cool is that?

Eskuta - Creators of the unorthodox

With an Eskuta you no longer have to conform to convention, Eskuta are the creators of the unorthodox. When you operate an Eskuta, your not just buying an electric scooter, you`re buying into a philosophy, a state of mind. We want you and your business to go further, further than you`ve ever been before, have freedom and not be constrained by the conventional.


Tel: 024 76 350150

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