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19 & 20 NOV 2019



What is a Csinta? Csinta is a raw, dried fruit snack made of organic fresh fruits dried slowly at low temperature, This way all the vitamins and nutrients and aromas of the fruits are kept. Its organic, raw, vegan, gluten free and contains no added sugar or any other additives. It`s a snack, a dessert, and a versatile ingredient of creative gourmet dishes.

Csintas are made of the simplest natural ingredients in their best form: only fresh organic fruits. We transform them with a gentle process into raw organic dried fruit snacks that taste great, and fun to eat. They fit the atmosphere of any quality café or gourmet shop with their colorful harmonious and timeless design.

We use local organic fruits like apple, plum, sour-cherry, strawberry, quince, pear, apricot. There are many kind of raw bars available that are made primarily of dates. Csintas are different in many ways. There is no dates in them. This way we work with the fresh fruits and keep an eye on the whole process of how what we put in our product and how we prepare it. The different kind of Csintas also taste characteristically different according to what fruit they are made of because they are not just `flavoured` with different fruits but they are made of different fruits. This way anyone can find their favorite one according to what taste and texture they like.

We also make Csinta cones. Its eye catching timeless design is useful also because you can eat it all: inside and outside. Cones are filled with pieces of fruits also dried slowly to keep them raw quality.
We also make cones filled with sprouted and spiced nuts...Yumm!
The cones make a perfect little gift also during the holiday season!

Csinta`s have simple ingredients. There could be a long list of ingredients that are NOT used in Csinta`s.
No sugar or any sweetener added, no additives, aromas of any kind.
`The fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit` :-)

It`s a perfect snack for kid`s lunch boxes and for everybody after or during sport activities, or as a quick pick me up at the workplace. Gift yourself with health and eat it without guilt in any diet. You can use your creativity to make special desserts like gluten free beigli (a Hungarian nutty roll specialty), fruit sushi, caramelized fruit filled with melted goat cheese... (for example:-)

Compatible with Gluten free, Raw, Paleo or Vegan Diets.

We deliver to more than a hundred locations in Hungary alone. We are proud to say that the number of places carrying our products grows day by day and the demand for them go beyond our borders. We already deliver to Slovakia, Italy and Great Britain and we hope to introduce the Csinta to other countries as well, because we love to travel.

Where will you most likely find a CSINTA?
Coffee shops, tea shops, health food stores, specialty food stores, cinemas, theaters, community centers, sport centers, bakeries, produce stores and some special, original places

Tel: +36704516433

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