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19 & 20 NOV 2019



The myGRILL Chef SMART grill is the first SMART charcoal grill in the world. It`s the beginning of the next generation of outdoor grills. It has a built-in cooking computer that can rotate food and adjust the cooking temperature automatically, thus simplifying the whole cooking process.

We challenged ourselves to find the best, most forward-looking way possible to engineer a new kind of charcoal grill. One that has the ease of a gas grill and the aroma of the charcoal. When we put it all together, the result was something entirely new. Something radically different from anything before it.

The myGRILL SMART System, responsible for calculating and performing all the necessary processes to automatically cook the food. The user cooking the food does not need to know the cooking techniques to cook delicious food. In the front side of the grill, there is a built-in display from which the user can select the type of the food he/she wants to cook. The SMART system constantly monitors and analyses, via embedded temperature sensors, the heat emitted from the heat source (ex. burning coals) to the food being cooked and automatically controlling and adjusting the electrical mechanisms of the grill in real time. It changes the distance of the food from the heat source and simultaneously determines the speed and type of rotation (continuous rotation or step rotation). These changes are dynamic and continuously modified based on the special cooking algorithms produced by chefs working together with the myGRILL engineers.
The SMART System includes pre-installed dynamic recipes with icons for different types of food like steaks, burgers, chicken, fish, kebab etc. The user can select a recipe by rotating the knob. The SMART System can also give the ability to the user to program new recipes or adjust the existing ones through a user-friendly editing interface both on the grill`s display. Moreover, for the user who wants to experiment in different cooking styles, the Chef SMART grill can be operated in manual mode giving the user the ability to manually adjust the rotation speed, timing and cooking temperature using the control knob.

The grill is equipped with temperature sensors that can be adapted to the height of the food. The sensors, provide temperature measurements to the SMART System which in turn adjusts the rotation speed and the height of the food from the heat source.
The grill has an electric elevation mechanism for controlling the cooking temperature, operated by commands from the SMART System. This mechanism changes the distance of the food from the heat source. To reduce the temperature at which the food is exposed, the mechanism moves away from the heat source and to increase temperature it moves closer the heat source. Movements are precise, measured in millimetres, giving the SMART System the ability to precisely control the cooking temperature.
The rotation mechanism for the cooking accessories is operated by an electric motor, controlled by the SMART System. The rotation can be both continuous (360º) or stepping (from 10º to 180º). The ability of the system to control the rotational speed and timing, provides further control of the cooking temperature (ex. it can stop the rotation leaving the food exposed to the required temperature for a certain time dynamically set by the SMART System).

The grills basin/fire bowl is insulated, reducing heat loss to the minimum. The basin/fire bowl is made of double stainless steel sheet with integrated with a special insulating material with ceramic fibres. The insulation is not only limited to the basin/fire bowl but also the outer walls of the grill. In this way, heat loss is limited to only 10% compared to 90% in other grills of the same type. In combination with the thick metal plates, arranged at the base of basin/fire bowl, almost all of the thermal energy generated by the coals is passed directly to the food. Moreover, because of their thickness, the metal plates act like heat accumulators, thus creating uniform conditions of heat along the basin.This design reduces the temperature at the base of the grill, and thus significantly reducing flareups during the cooking process.

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