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19 & 20 NOV 2019


A different perspective of Bar equipment

We are happy being a part of the Coffee shop innovation business exhibition and conference in London, for the first time.

ARTEMIS MIXER & CO will offer to the coffee business leaders a different perspective of Bar equipment.

Fulfilling coffee professionals’ needs and values is our main goal!

And as a specialist in designing and producing Drink Mixers for more than 30 years, getting in touch and communicate 1-2-1 with you is very important!

With respect to the innovation approach of the exhibition we will present a new innovative variation of the MIX-2010 drink mixer model. 

The MIX-2010 GLOSS! A drink mixer with all the advantages of an ARTEMIS MIXER plus a GLOSSY OUTFIT that will inspire the coffee business professionals in every sector of occupation!

Drink Mixers “Colour waves” and numerous options of models and operations to fulfill any coffee owners’ needs!

A well known barista will attend and show us the most of ARTEMIS MIXER usability!