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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Build your business by increasing your customer’s loyalty

Customer retention, community and supporting independent retailers is key to the growth of British business. Onify is a digital loyalty app using powerful technology to build on and reward customer loyalty. The app is a free tool to give retailers more control over their profit margins by perfecting their personal relationships with their customers.

With an exceptional technical and marketing team, Onify is led by ex-Just Eat director and Fill My Belly CEO, Bertie Cordingley. He is helping independent retailers grow and develop their business intelligently by increasing customer loyalty; fostering longer, stronger relationships with a powerful digital programme, all for free.

For customers, the app is so very easy to use and is also free. They can earn rewards for their loyalty and return visits. Customers can use the app to discover local Onify-affiliated retailers, and have the convenience of keeping all their loyalty programmes in one place and always with them; their own smartphone.

For the retailer, the service is completely free and it will give the functionality to create and manage their own reward schemes based on what is best for their business. Because, who knows it better?

Forthcoming exciting features will give businesses the ability to communicate directly with customers based on past purchases, recommend complementary products, and create a personal approach to make sure customers know their custom is valued and appreciated.

Retailers can also be notified of customers they are at risk of losing, having the awareness early enough to rescue the relationship.

Despite using the latest technical operating systems, the scheme is very, very simple to use but there is always the assurance of a technical support, should it be needed. There is no need to purchase expensive Point of Sale equipment, the retailer simply scans a code with the customers’ smartphone each time a purchase is made. Onify take care of everything else.

Since it’s hugely successful launch in Nottingham, Onify is preparing for its nationwide launch very soon and signing up today means businesses will be affiliated with the ever-growing Onify community and with it’s rapid expansion, which is sure to attract vast attention. 

Speciality Coffee in Nottingham joined Onify July 2017 and in just 4 weeks, enjoy 20% better customer retention, vastly increased average spend, and customer visit frequency, without changing their business in any way. 

Join the programme today. It takes just two minutes and the business will be enjoying the benefits of increased customer loyalty and managing business growth using real-time data analysis as well as the added benefit of cross-marketing with other community retailers.

Onify limited

PHONE: 0115 8246663