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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Enjoy freshly roasted coffee in the comfort of your home with the Bonaverde Berlin. The world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine, the Berlin transforms fresh green coffee beans into sumptuously smooth, aromatic coffee with the touch of a button. While most coffee grows stale on its journey from farm to roaster to store shelf, Bonaverde empowers you to roast in the moment, for the freshest taste possible. Order direct from farmers through their online marketplace, and Bonaverde will deliver green beans in single-portion pouches straight to your doorstep. Their IoT-infused machine picks up an expertly-crafted roasting profile with a simple scan of the pouch, delivering fresh roasted coffee in around fifteen minutes. 

After garnering massive attention through three wildly successful crowdfunding campaigns, the Bonaverde Berlin is now available in the UK. For the first time, you can savour all the nuanced flavours coffee can offer, while enjoying extremely low levels of stomach-churning acidity. From the invigorating aromas of roasting to the unmatched flavour in your cup, experience coffee like never before with the Bonaverde Berlin.

Now, they’re offering you the unique opportunity to join them by investing growth capital through their upcoming Seedrs campaign. Be part of the next big thing in coffee. 

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