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19 & 20 NOV 2019



The Future of Starbucks Has Been Revealed: Welcome to the New Reserve Store!

On the ground floor of Starbucks’ headquarters in Seattle, Washington you can find the chain’s first Reserve store!

This store is one of 1,000 Reserve stores that will be opening and will hopefully rival the more upmarket coffee shops that are emerging throughout the US. Starbucks want to use these stores to show off their specialty, small-lot Starbucks Reserve coffee. Each new store will have a high-end Princi bakery, full liquor bar, coffee bar, lounge areas and two fireplaces.

The store in Washington is four times bigger than a standard Starbucks measuring at a whopping 8,100 square feet, and it comes with a full bar and bakery that serves high-end breakfasts, lunches, cocktails and appetisers. Their full breakfast and lunch menus include  artisanal baked breads, soups, salads, and pizzas.

To make sure the store matches the high-end vibe, the interior has been completely revamped! Upon arrival customers will see a grand and colourful design of the topography of the mountains where coffee beans are grown; and this piece of art is made up of 3,700 Starbucks Reserve cards! Every single card is designed in-house, and symbolises a story about a certain batch of coffee.

The Italian Princi bakery’s shelves are bursting with freshly baked bread, fruits and vegetables, and customers can watch the bakers and chefs work through the glass wall.

The sleek bar serves a selection of alcoholic beverages including wine, beer and liquor which can be enjoyed alongside some small plates and nibbles.

At their coffee bar, customers can try out a variety of coffees that have been brewed differently, and the bar is adorned with tons and tons of coffee too!


To add a touch of sophistication and opulence to the Reserve store, there will be multiple lounge areas as well as two beautiful floor-to-ceiling fireplaces.